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"Don't replace it,
Re-lace it"


    I started repairing  baseball gloves in 1986. I was 12 years old playing baseball in an All-Star tournament when my glove "broke" between games. This was my "Gamer" and it was crucial that I fix it before the next game. I didn't have any extra leather lace in my bat bag, but I did have an extra pair of cleats in there. Quickly I pulled all of the shoelace out from one of my cleats, and taught myself right then and there to relace. It did the trick, I didn't miss one out of the game and was able to use my "Gamer" for the rest of the day. Needless to say as soon as I got home I took some lace out of an extra glove I had and replaced the shoestring with leather. From that day on I was the "Glove Guy", repairing gloves for family,friends, coaches & teammates. Repairing gloves is not my job,it's my passion. I love baseball gloves and truly enjoy bringing them back to life. So be assured that your glove will be treated with the utmost love and care. Finally, every glove is cleaned and reconditioned before it is shipped out at no extra cost.

* I will complete & ship out all re-lace jobs within
one  day of receipt of  glove 
* Free Return Shipping! You paid to ship to us- we will pay to ship back to you.
* One Year Warranty. We warranty our work just like the factory - a full 1 year.
* O
ur free shipping back to you stands here, too!
*Thank you for visiting my website, feel free to check out the before & after gallery to see some samples of my work. 

*Quotes are available for any repairs that are not listed below

(Basic Web)                         (Trapeze Style Web)

Relace Glove $50.00             Relace Glove $60.00

Relace Web $25.00              Relace Web $35.00

Relace Top of Web & Finger Tops $25.00
Relace Finger Tops                       $20.00 
Relace Palm                                  $20.00
Relace Heel                                  $20.00

Relace Pinky & Thumb                   $20.00

Thumb Loop or Pinky Loop            $15.00 w/ relace
Thumb Loop or Pinky Loop            $20.00 
Add Padding to Glove                   $15.00 w/relace
Add Padding to Glove                   $25.00
Replace Wrist Pad Lining              $20.00
Velcro Repair                               $20.00

(Catcher's & First Base Mitts)
Relace Mitt $60.00
Relace Web $35.00


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